Short-term memory risk for women taking or smoking cannabis, study suggests

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Women who smoke cannabis are more likely to lose their short-term memory than men.
That's what a study released by the University of Exeter and University College London (UCL) suggests.
It also found a gene that could predict whether a cannabis smoker is more likely to develop a mental illness.
Researchers looked at healthy people who smoke cannabis and the effects it has on their state of mind.
They found people who have a variation in their AKT1 gene experience stronger psychotic symptoms when they are stoned.
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Smoking cannabis on a daily basis already increases the chances of developing a psychotic disorder.
It's usually long lasting and distressing, but those with the AKT1 gene variation are apparently more vulnerable.
Cannabis is one of the most used drugs in the world.
The effects can cause the user to have feelings of anxiety, suspicion and panic.
Last year the First Church of Cannabis was recognised as a church and charitable organisation in Indiana, America.
The first church of cannabis
Professor Morgan, from the University of Exeter, says the AKT1 gene variation discovery sheds light on the risks that come with the AKT1 gene variant.
"Although cannabis-induced psychosis is very rare, when it happens it can have a terrible impact on the lives of young people," he said.
"This research could help pave the way towards the prevention and treatment of cannabis psychosis."
It's hoped this research will help recognise those most at risk from smoking cannabis and help develop medication.

. . . Courtesy ::: BBC
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